February 8, 2023
Are You Just a Number to Your Web Hosting Company?

Are You Just a Number to Your Web Hosting Company?

Choosing the right web hosting company for your business has become increasingly important. To be sure, let’s take a look. The price of cheap web hosting might seem reasonable at first glance. Saving money is everyone’s goal. Despite this, there are some areas where you can’t afford to cut corners as an online business owner. Learn Are You Just a Number to Your Web Hosting Company?.

Are You Just a Number to Your Web Hosting Company?
Are You Just a Number to Your Web Hosting Company?

Is it worth saving money by putting water in your car’s gas tank? Choose a cheap web hosting company, and you are doing precisely that. Free or cheap web hosting companies will treat you as little more than a number, just another site, whereas you can cut corners in other areas of your business.

The following explains how cheap or free & cheap web hosting India make their money and how they operate. Firstly, how are their prices so low? Would you like to host your website for free? Only volume can provide an answer. Your website is one of the thousands they host, some of the smaller and some of the larger. Is it possible to provide personalized service when they host thousands of websites? It is simply not possible for them to do so. Exactly why? In the long run, the low pricing and the large number of sites hosted make it impossible to make a profit.

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The reality is that they can’t do this from a business standpoint. The bottom line would not benefit from it. The second reason is that large web hosting companies tend to run lean and mean operations. As a result, in business 101, they achieve more with fewer resources. When fewer people are needed to do the same job, they won’t hire more people. There will be a decline in customer service, no doubt. Volume compensates for this tradeoff for them.

Looking from your point of view (as an online business owner) will help us better understand what you are experiencing. The value of time cannot be overstated. Sadly, time isn’t your friend, as you have probably already discovered. Consequently, your business loses money each time your website goes down. Visitors (potential customers) should not be unable to access your site for even 5 minutes.

There is a 24/7 operation for online businesses. Do you know that your web hosting company understands this? Does your business seem like another website to them when you have a problem? Do they intend to take personal responsibility for the problem and solve it quickly? Is there a follow-up plan? Is your website just another one in a sea of others? Does the company follow up with you to ensure you are satisfied with the service and that the site is functioning correctly?

Is there any chance that they will follow up personally via telephone? Are they just going to send an automated email? In the belief that they can save money by choosing a cheap web hosting company, many Internet entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing such a service. As a result, they are often subject to downtime, waiting periods, and lost customers in the long run. Six tips will help you determine if your web hosting company views you as “just another website”:

The type of service your web host provides. Is it an “open door policy”? Do they have answers to your questions, or do they recommend you visit their Help Page? The most frustrating part of being an online business owner is being told to go to a URL for support after calling the web hosting company. You are just a number to them if your web hosting company treats you like this.

Do you get prompt responses to your phone calls from your web hosting company? What is the name of the person when they do? Are you selling? It’s a big clue. You won’t receive a sales pitch or be hounded by an answering machine if you are with a web hosting company that truly knows you and genuinely cares about your business. Indeed, a cheap web host will not know your name by name; they will know you by your domain name.

What are your needs as a website owner? Does your web host have business knowledge? Is it necessary for them? Can you help me understand if they hire teenagers to answer the phone (who can’t help you)? What kind of Internet Marketing experience does your web hosting company have? Cheap web hosting companies do business by volume and cannot focus on such a thing because they do not do business by volume. It’s ironic, don’t you think, given that the Internet is why you even have a website?

What are your web hosting company’s advertising and sales tactics as your business grows? Is your inbox flooded with emails asking for your upgrade, payment upfront, etc.? What is their sales strategy? Ads and sales tactics that are aggressive will do the trick. Because the numbers matter, a cheap web hosting company has no choice. They include you as well.

Your web host should be relationship-driven. Does it want to build a lasting relationship with you, or is it more concerned with making a profit? You probably guessed it by now. Increasing sales is what makes cheap web hosting companies profitable. There is enough volume to cover the loss of one customer, so that is fine. They don’t have the time, resources, or inclination to ensure they have a long-term client.

The ins and outs of web hosting aren’t well known to many Internet business owners. I can understand that. Are you able to understand the technical jargon when you speak with the sales department of your web hosting company? Would they be patient with you if you asked them many questions? Are they automatically impatient with you the more you ask about something they assume you know? Is it insulting to feel stupid or dumb when they talk to you? Making you feel stupid for asking questions when trying to give the web hosting company your business would be as bad as saying “Next!” They don’t care about you or your business.

The best business web hosting company will offer you personalized service, answer your questions (or provide ways to get those answers), and provide you with various features. Even though having an abundance of choices is nice, knowing your business’ success is at the top of the list of your web hosting provider is even better.

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