March 28, 2023
How to check plagiarism

How to check plagiarism

The methodology used by HackerRank for Work to detect plagiarism identifies similar code and certain behavioral signals that indicate plagiarism. To avoid penalizing any innocent candidate, we optimize for candidate experience and reduce false alarms. We ensure we should cover topics like How to check for plagiarism all submissions are original and authentic.
HackerRank for Work have detail Test Reports that is to view your Candidates’ performance. A recruiter can use our plagiarism detection process to analyze test reports of candidates.

How to check for plagiarism in hackerrank tests
How to check for Plagiarism in HackerRank Tests


  1. Should have A HackerRank for Work account.
  2. Candidates and their submissions must have attempted at least one Test pending evaluation.


  1. Select the appropriate test from the Tests menu.
  2. Select a Candidate entry that is pending evaluation by clicking the Candidates tab.
  3. On the Candidate Test Summary page, click the Detailed tab to view the detailed Test Report of the Candidate.
  4. If the candidate has submitted plagiarized code, you can see it in the Detailed Tab. There is a plagiarism flag on the solution code to ‘Question 3’ in the image.
  5. The plagiarism detection tool also shows matches with other HackerRank for Work candidates who might have submitted the same or similar code to the said question. For instance: 
  • Candidate who attempts a test across any company on the HackerRank for Work platform

Lets follow another steps

6. Codes are in this way:

  • As an example, you will be able to see a candidate’s code match percentage, the date it was submitted the same/similar code, the Test name, and the email of the candidate with ‘(same test)’ after their name.
  • If a matched candidate is from a different test, but you have access to the test, you will still be able to see the code match percentage, date of same/similar code submission, name of the test, and the candidate email.
  • You will still be able to view the code match percentage date of the same/similar code submission, but not the test name or candidate email. If a matched candidate is from a different test, you do not have access to it.

7. Code Match Percentage and View Diff: The ‘Code Match Percentage’ shows how much of a match there is between the current candidate’s code and the matching codes. On the far right of the match percentage, there is an option to view a diff, which displays matching codes with differences highlighted. We suggest the match percentage based on the possibility of partial or no matches. Recruiters can decide how to proceed with the application based on the results.

We detect plagiarism at HackerRank for Work by detecting candidates who have the same structure of code and logic but may have changed variable names and looping constructs as well as certain behavioral signals.

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