August 14, 2022
How to Compare Broadband Offers

How to Compare Broadband Offers

Selecting the right broadband package can be challenging when many UK providers offer so many different options. We’ve compiled a list of the main considerations when choosing a home broadband connection. Learn How to Compare Broadband Offers.

How to Compare Broadband Offers
How to Compare Broadband Offers

The average downloading speed

The broadband providers had been able to advertise their ‘Up to’ speeds until relatively recently. The average speed now must be shown due to new regulations.

In the evenings and on weekends, the average speed corresponds to the speed that more than half of customers enjoy during peak time. According to UK communications regulator Ofcom, Traditionally, peak time has been defined as between 8 pm and 10 pm.

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Even with the change, the speed you get will, of course, be influenced by some factors, such as:

  • Whether you have a cable or a fiber-optic connection.
  • Depending on the distance to the telephone exchange.
  • The area you live in.
  • How late it is in the day when you use the telephone.

It is generally accepted that the faster a package’s average speed, the higher its price will be. To determine what speed you need, you must decide what you plan to do with the Internet. A standard broadband connection should suffice if you just want to browse the Internet and check a few emails. As an alternative, if you plan on streaming music and movies, gaming online, or having a family that uses multiple devices at once, you will need a much faster broadband connection.

You may have to pay additional charges during your contract period if you decide to upgrade your broadband connection.

Typical broadband package details

The following packages are available from most broadband providers:

  1. Only broadband.
  2. Broadband with phone service.
  3. Phone and TV with broadband.

Generally speaking, you need a phone line to have broadband, so only a few providers can offer these services alone. Most broadband bundles come with a Wi-Fi router, line rental, and some call rate packages. Many providers also offer a TV connection in addition to broadband and phone. Depending on the provider, this package may include a variety of features but usually includes the following:

  • The provision of a box for recording multiple hours of TV.
  • Live TV can be paused and rewound using the box.
  • Watching Freeview channels is also possible.
  • Several premium channels are available, including Sky Sports, BT Sport, and FX.
  • You can also watch catch-up TV and On Demand content.

A broadband contract is required

There is a cooling-off period of seven days during which you can cancel your broadband service once you’ve signed up. The penalty charges for early cancellation may apply if you decide you no longer want the package or wish to switch providers,

Therefore, you should make sure that you are satisfied with the length of the contract and its terms before signing up.

The most common contract options offered by broadband providers are:

  • Twelve-month contracts.
  • An 18-month contract.
  • Two-year contracts.
  • Contract-free.

That’s what no contracts mean. Until you decide you no longer want to pay the fees, you pay them monthly. There is generally an increase in cost per month when a no-contract option is chosen over a longer-term contract.

Cost of Broadband Setup

Your provider charges an up-front fee to set up the broadband connection, and this is the cost of the package and postage to get the equipment delivered to your home.

Occasionally, some providers will offer FREE setup to their customers or waive the setup fee.

Monthly Price

For your broadband connection, you will be paying a monthly fee.

If you give careful consideration to all the factors listed above, you will be able to choose just a few packages that meet your needs. Then you can look at the additional benefits and features that are not listed above.

Considering the cost of telephone calls and whether the package includes free weekend or evening calls, the channels available with a TV package, the functionality of the television box, and parental controls offered by your broadband connection are also important.

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